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of issamic terrorism. except one. the obama administration has refused to label this terrorism. insteaddittis called workplace violence.this president personaalyyapppoved tte droneestrike ttat killed the american cleric last yearr another drone strike that red - killed the cleric's 16-year old american son. an event the usspresssthe us army and the fbi knew in advance that pasan was a icking time-bbmb. a muslim wwo publicly called for viollnceeagainst american soldiers is not politically correct.moor thhn 160 ft hood shooting victims and their family members hve expressed administra.
-49. but, argues mo shgamong voters that are mind, governor romney garnered 51% versus president obama, 41 and 48, and, around the centers yesterday, the issue of benghazi is bubbling up and people are demanding answers from the administration. i think it will have a big impact in the statef wisconsin. >> chris: we'll get to benghazi in a little later in our discussion, senator udall, i was surprised to learn 80% of voters in your state will have voted before election day and the romney camp says they are winning in absentee requests and early voting and are also swinging the suburbs around denver, that went for obama, four years ago. >> good morning, chris. we have a great ground game here in colorado. you are right, about 80% of votes will be cast before election day. but, in the end, colorado will go for a president who has erseen slow but steady economic growth an unemployment levels below 8% and the coloradans look for a leader who says what he means and means what he says and governor romney has three problems, we don't know if it is moderate mitt or me, too, mitt or conservative mit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2